Health Program

8661aa4fb585a857477cf954c0ac8878Fall Calving

December – Artificial insemination for cows
January - Second artificial insemination breeding for cows / put bulls out in pasture for natural service
February – Pull bull out of pasture at end of month
March - Cows on winter pasture
April - Work all cows - weigh, vaccinate, de-worm, and pregnancy check

  • All calves weighed, weaned off, vaccinated, black leg, and wormed – Second shot two to four weeks later
  • Vaccines/Wormer: Vira Shield 6+ VL5, Alpha-7, and Ivermectin or Safe Guard

May, June, July, and August – Cows placed in summer pastures and sprayed for flies if needed
September, October, and November – Cows moved to the barn to calve, cows under two years of age get booster shot and all cows get weighed and wormed